Linzmeier Accu-Box

Steel housing

Acid-proof and non-flammable

Outer dimensions: Width 100cm, height 199cm, depth 78.5cm

Protective coating in red (RAL 3000) indicating a hazardous area

Intermediate shelf

To deposit, e.g., safety gloves and a car charger

Steel pallet for quick removal using lift or pallet trucks

Bumpers to prevent damage to the charging unit

Electric connection

Electric connection

CEE combination socket with integrated socket (16A 400V) and Schuko socket (230V)

Main switch on outside wall—to interrupt the power supply in an emergency
Parking deck

Helpful extras

Parking deck for distilled water with lateral metal sheets for fixing the water tank

Ready-to-use eyewash bottle for emergencies

Clearly visible warning and prohibition signs on inside and outside walls
eyewash bottle